Phd Position on Pseudo-nitzschia bloom dynamics at IFREMER (Brest)

PhD Project: Role of hydrodynamic connectivity and environmental conditions on the spatiotemporal dynamics of Pseudo-nitzschia blooms.

Several species from the diatom genus Pseudo-nitzschia produce domoic acid, a powerful neurotoxin bioaccumulating in shellfish and responsible for Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning worldwide. In Europe, these events are especially problematic regarding King Scallop fisheries and lead to long and recurring commercial closures. 

The candidate should be interested in the understanding of phytoplankton community dynamics in coastal zones. She/He will be involved in in situ bloom monitoring. She/He will perform hydrodynamic simulations as well as bioinformatic analyses and should thus be interested in using command-line-based approaches.

She/He will be based in the Pelagos lab in Brest, Western France and will be employed by Ifremer (3 years contract).

Applications should be submitted before May 15th using the following link:

Contact: Annie Chapelle (, Martin Plus (, Mickael Le Gac ( 

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